Spurs, Warriors Win! Celebrate w Food Timing In Marin! 10 Amazing Foods For Weight Loss

super duper burger slide 4

 Man have I been lucky with my sports teams over the last 5 years!  In Basketball I love the Spurs and Warriors, baseball the Giants and Cardinals, and the 49ers in football.  While watching these teams rack up wins and championships, do I crave a workout?  A yoga session?  A “whole foods” meal?  HELL NO!  I crave amazing, decadent food in huge quantities!

However, I also enjoy maintaining my weight and fitness, and that’s why the following maxim is such a huge part of The EET Fitness Plan:

eat treats to lose weight slide 2

Finding and timing the best treats is a real art form, especially in Marin County, California. Marin may be the home of the most scenic beauty in the world.  However, Marin is DEFINITELY one of the most misguided areas in the world for what is truly “healthy” food and healthy eating.  Thank God it’s not all organic tofu and Veggie Grills. In this video I show you 10 of the amazing hidden gems I’ve found over the years that keep me happily and healthily EETing!  If you don’t have time for the whole show I’ve shared 5 above and below.  GO SPURS AND WARRIORS!!

Got any other amazing places to eat in Marin that really work for your diet/fitness plan?  Questions about EET?  Let us know–we’re always looking!  Post here or email  eetfit@gmail.com 

WARNING!  Some content not suitable for yo-yo dieters, the food police and food snobs–BUT — some is!! 🙂

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disclaimer oct 2012


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