Study: Meal Timing w Same Calories, Macros = More Weight Loss, Better Blood Markers for Diabetics

diabetic meal timing study


Confirming EET’s claims for the last 5+ years, meal timing for diabetics works.  Consistent with  recent meal timing studies, this study confirmed the benefits of two earlier meals (breakfast and lunch) vs six smaller meals.  Type 2 Diabetics lost 2 additional pounds over 12 weeks eating the exact same diet. Many other health markers related to diabetes and obesity were improved as well:


Eating only breakfast and lunch reduced body weight, HFC, fasting plasma glucose, C-peptide and glucagon, and increased OGIS, more than the same caloric restriction split into six meals. These results suggest that, for type 2 diabetic patients on a hypoenergetic diet, eating larger breakfasts and lunches may be more beneficial than six smaller meals during the day.

From: Eating two larger meals a day…. Diabetologia Aug 2014

Timing is Everything for Diabetics

EET reported far more dramatic but similar findings in our Diabetic Timing Diet Dr. Supervised Trial 3 years earlier in 2011….

diabetic eet timing diet study

The big difference between EET’s study and the study above was The EET Diabetic Timing Diet had no restrictions or required exercise whatsoever, just guidelines. Not as scientific as the controlled study above, EET’s results using an unrestricted timing diet are far more real world for practical applications.

No one is going to only eat breakfast and lunch consistently for years–night eating is too awesome. Very very few (as in almost no one) are going to manage their calories and macros for the long term, either. EET’s complete freedom of choice is a solution dieters can learn to manage, with results that can last.

What else can EET Fitness‘ new paradigm since 2008 teach you other than basic metabolic timing? A lot, if you’re willing to learn.

 For questions or for a free pdf of EET’s 2011 Diabetic Timing Diet Trial,  Contact us at     

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