Learning How To Lose Weight, Improve Fitness: Don’t Let Reality Get In The Way

learning pyramid

I could write a book on this subject (actually, I did). But, today, I’m not talking about specific weight loss and fitness advice, this post is about how we learn a new skill.

learning pyramid

You Know It’s True, But You Act Like It’s Not

The above graphic says it all, we retain virtually nothing from what we hear, read or watch. But, that doesn’t stop people from focusing on those three activities as the basis for their knowledge, especially reading when it comes to online learning.

With the endless quantity of “world changing” lengthy blog posts and articles passionately written to draw you in emotionally claiming they can teach you how to achieve your total transformation, I think I’m offering something much more useful to share this gentle reminder:

If you are serious about learning something new, and don’t take action soon after reading about it like

  • Asking questions to clarify and reinforce
  • Actively practicing new concepts learned  or
  • Verifying you understand it well enough to teach it to someone else

You’ll soon forget 90% or more of what you’ve “learned”.

meme going on a diet

So Many Words. So Few Results

On the other hand, given the realities of what it takes to succeed long-term versus the crap most weight loss and fitness experts claim you must learn, I could make a strong case that forgetting most of what you read is a very good thing, though it’s still a huge waste of time. But that’s another lesson for another day….

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disclaimer oct 2012


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