How To Successfully Crash Diet For Long Term Results TMT Don’t Panic! (Step 2)


Here’s an approach you have not tried to safely and effectively lose a lot of weight fast and keep it off in a few simple steps:

Step 1 Some Essential Tools (recommend read first)

Step 2 TMT – Don’t Panic!

IMPORTANT: Before you read further – DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING DOWN on this plan! Just think of the answers in your head and try to remember them (not that we recommend you try this plan because we don’t!)


If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.  Lewis Carroll


Example Setting Weight Loss Targets:

  • Low = 1 Pound (always 1 pound here)
  • Medium = 3 Pounds
  • High = 5 Pounds

If you can’t lose 1 pound on your crash diet, you’ll want to prepare more for future efforts – though you’ll still write nothing down (just trust me for now – will explain why later)!


Crash dieting takes focus. What are you focusing on? Why do you NEED to lose weight fast?

Example Mission:  Need to lose weight before upcoming vacation where I’m sure to gain weight.

how long

Do not select a time frame longer than you believe you can avoid panicking. This doesn’t mean you’ll execute perfectly or even close. It means what it says, you believe you’ll never panic. Start with 1 week or less if you really want this to work short or long term.

Example Crash Diet Time Frame:  5 Days

And finally, by far and away your most important part of Step 2 TMT is to remember this:


Listen to me carefully: You will have the urge to panic on a crash diet, possibly quite often. We desperately need this thought “Don’t panic!” to come into our thoughts automatically to save us. It’s not up to you to be strong enough to avoid panic. It’s up to you to have this thought ready to help you when the challenges come (and they will come).

So, if you only have one thought about TMT, this is it. Write it down 1000 times a day. Then repeat it out loud 1000 times a day. There will be no success without this thought as part of your crash diet / long term weight loss plan.

The above info must be studied, and studied, and studied. This information needs to be so locked in your brain that no challenge can make you forget it.

Realize as you study that you have already started a true crash diet that can bring years of results.

Next post:

STEP 3 Do you want to lose weight fast, or not?

Meanwhile, you’ve got plenty to do studying Steps 1 and 2 if you’re serious about successful crash dieting for lasting results.

NOTE: This information is in no way a recommendation to attempt a diet of any sort–it’s for information and education purposes only. Readers assume all risk with their weight loss and fitness efforts–See disclaimer below for more.

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disclaimer oct 2012


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