The Part of Your Brain That Won’t Let You Lose Weight on a Diet is REAL and Very Powerful

training your brain

Habits die hard. Each time we engage in a bad habit, we make it more likely we’ll do it again in the near future.          from       Rewire  Richard O’Connor PhD

Hopefully, you’re following EET’s latest approach we guarantee you have not tried before to safely and effectively lose a lot of weight fast and keep it off in a few simple steps:

Step 1 Some Essential Tools (recommend read first)

Step 2 TMT – Don’t Panic!

While we give you a chance to digest the first two steps,  here’s some additional insights on weight loss, nutrition and exercise for those who want to have the highest possible chance of success in losing weight fast and keeping it off.

behavioral change matters

How can you lose weight fast?  A big step in the right direction is to understand this about your brain:

Desire For Fast, Lasting Weight Loss:  These thoughts come mostly from the more recently evolved part of your brain, the only place where you can think logical thoughts about the future.

Desire for Amazing Food In Amazing Quantities:  These thoughts come mostly from the much larger and most evolved part of your brain, aka the automatic brain.  This part of your brain includes all your emotional and impulsive thoughts.  It wants instant gratification, which means it doesn’t understand the value of lasting weight loss. 

inside your brain

Two Brains, Not Working Together  

(From Rewire: Change Your Brain To Break Bad Habits….by Richard O’Connor, PhD mostly word for word but some paraphrasing to shorten.)

The Logical Brain

It’s just about impossible to explain self-destructive behavior without some concept of the divided self, of motives and feeling that we hide from ourselves, of a part of our mind that works against our own best interests….

The conscious self is largely in the new brain (neocortex); it’s what evolution gave humans that separates us from animals…We like to think we’re in charge, and that we live our lives deliberately, but in fact our decision making and reasoning are deeply influenced by the unconscious.

The Automatic (Emotional) Brain

Imagine trying to walk if you had to think through every muscle movement. We depend on the automatic self for 99 percent of getting through the day…our unconscious holds the hidden truths about ourselves we don’t want to face, the use of defenses like denial to help us not see uncomfortable reality…In this way, the feelings we repress–fear, anger, guilt, shame and others–can have pervasive effects throughout the automatic self.

Conflicting Feelings: The Automatic Brain Takes Control

When our feelings are in conflict with each other, or are unacceptable to us, we use defense mechanisms like denial and rationalization to put them into the unconscious part of our minds…And these emotions result in self-destructive behavior, even when we’re not aware.

You can read Rewire for more if you like, but the key takeaways for EET’s Crash Diet for lasting weight loss are these:

automatic brain nowtraining your brain

There you have it. EET is built to train your brain to avoid this biological conflict we all share. We told you our Crash Diet is different. Study EET’s Crash Diet Steps 1 and 2 if you’re serious about successful crash dieting for lasting results.

NOTE: This information is in no way a recommendation to attempt a diet of any sort–it’s for information and education purposes only. Readers assume all risk with their weight loss and fitness efforts–See disclaimer below for more.

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disclaimer oct 2012


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