The Scale is REQUIRED To Successfully Crash Diet For Lasting Results

scale fear

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when people are afraid of the light.   Plato,  375 BC

Hopefully, you’re following EET’s latest approach we guarantee you have not tried before to safely and effectively lose a lot of weight fast and keep it off in a few simple steps:

Step 1 Some Essential Tools (recommend read first)

Step 2 TMT – Don’t Panic!

While we give you a chance to digest the first two steps,  here’s some additional insights on weight loss, nutrition and exercise for those who want to have the highest possible chance of success in losing weight fast and keeping it off.

scale fear

How can you lose weight fast and keep it off?  Get on the scale consistently. Period.

Sort of.

Afraid of the Scale = Failure

What is the common link in the following facts:

  • Most obese people abandon the scale when they are not on a diet
  • Most obese people abandon the scale when they screw up their diet
  • Most obese people hate the scale

Answer: Most obese people. 

EET hates measuring or tracking anything when it comes to dieting. Why? Because most obese people will abandon those measurements which means the end of their diet. Hello weight regain and worse health.


The scale is the single exception with EET and it must be in your crash diet as well. Why?

You can’t cure the feelings of failure you associate with the scale by avoiding it.

Scale weight is firmly established as a key metric for health. You’re not going to escape it. So, if you want to stop being like most obese people, you need to find a way to consistently do the opposite of what they do (careful here with your judgments, there’s very little most obese people do, the scale is a rare exception).

When it comes to the scale, most obese people get on when they think they are losing weight and run like hell when they believe they are gaining weight.

Does that describe you? Then you now know an absolute reason why you are failing at lasting diet success. 

If you want improve your chances of success it’s time to embrace the scale, now and forever.

scale fear

Maybe You ARE A Number On The Scale

Experts have been trying to convince us the scale shouldn’t matter because “you’re not just a number”. They then recommend measures just as neurotic to track our progress like body fat% or how our clothes fit.  Now you’ll stress about those as well, but it did nothing to lessen the power the scale has over you. You’ll still feel like a complete failure if you ever get on the scale again and don’t like what you see. Rather than run from our feelings about the scale, making them worse, let’s accept reality and bring the scale into our relationship with weight, fitness and food in the most positive way possible.

The Scale Remains the Scoreboard No Matter What You Do

It’s not easy to get past scale fear. This is because experts you thought knew how to help you have told you differently. But, unless you disagree with every word above, you can see the reality of the scale and how most expert approaches relates to obesity and cause great stress. It might make it a little easier for you to work on a new way of thinking about the scale to realize that being taught to hate and avoid the scale has a lot to do with what created the extra weight on your body in the first place.

The EET Weigh-In Timing Plan (that you can read about here for free) is the most proven method we know of to get comfortable with the scale, but there are likely others that can produce a consistent relationship with the scale.

Find one. Today.

scale fear

Oh Yeah: Forget Everything You Just Read If

As I said above, all this comes with a “sort of”.  If you’ve got a different way to use (or not use) the scale that you’ve been using SUCCESSFULLY for years, then you are an outlier and should stay with that method – as long as you’re honestly in the range you want to be with ALL three keys to success:

  • weight,
  • fitness and
  • relationship with food

There you have it. EET is built to get the scale on your side to help you reach and sustain your goals. We told you our Crash Diet is different. Study EET’s Crash Diet Steps 1 and 2 if you’re serious about successful crash dieting for lasting results.

NOTE: This information is in no way a recommendation to attempt a diet of any sort–it’s for information and education purposes only. Readers assume all risk with their weight loss and fitness efforts–See disclaimer below for more.

  Questions?  Contact us at     

disclaimer oct 2012


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