Tony Robbins All Motivational Coaching: These 2 Graphs Should Change Your Life

farley go hard in gym

You think you’re a writer?  Hey Dad, I can’t see real good, is that Bill Shakespeare over there?                                           Matt Foley (Chris Farley, Motivational Speaker)

With the huge trend towards “motivational coaching” for fitness, it’s important to see what the potential is for meaningful results. Most would agree Tony Robbins is one of the great motivational coaches of our time. But has Robbins 30 year body of work really made an impact or is he more like Matt Foley (Chris Farley) on SNL?

Well, Tony doesn’t live in van down by the river. He lives in the lap of luxury so you’d have to assume he and other successful motivational coaches are making a hell of an impact helping a lot of people in reaching their goals, right?

To find out, let’s check on two key scoreboards that Tony and so many others have claimed for the last 30 years they can help people change their lives through motivational coaching:

  • Wealth
  • Fitness

What kind of impact have these masters of motivation produced?

middle class incomeslide 1 obesity stats

The results are clear. The EET Fitness Plan is built to respect these results. How you adjust your thinking and approach based on the reality of needing motivational coaching is up to you…

NOTE: This information is in no way a recommendation to attempt a diet of any sort–it’s for information and education purposes only. Readers assume all risk with their weight loss and fitness efforts–See disclaimer below for more.

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disclaimer oct 2012


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