To Lose Weight Fast, Keep It Off, GIVE IN to Procrastination, Temptation and Stress (Step 4)

give in strategically

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Here’s Step 4 of EET’s latest approach we guarantee you have not tried before to safely and effectively lose a lot of weight fast and keep it off in a 5 simple steps:

Step 1 Some Essential Tools (recommend read first)

Step 2 TMT – Don’t Panic!

Step 3  Find A Way

Step 4  Give In Strategically

Ever have these thoughts while dieting?

  • Should I give in and eat?
  • I really want eat that decadent food (and a lot more), but I shouldn’t.
  • I’ll feel really guilty if I eat that.
  • There’s no way I can go to the gym today
  • Another diet, another failure.
  • I’m never going to lose this weight.
  • Oh what the hell, I’m eating! I’ll start my diet again tomorrow, or Monday, or after the holidays, or….”

If you try to lose weight quickly using willpower and motivation like you have in the past, it’s impossible to avoid these harmful thoughts. But, using Step 4, you can replace them with much more effective thoughts that will help you succeed.

We’ll start with the bottom line, then you can read how it’s done:

On the EET Crash Diet, giving in strategically is allowed. It’s encouraged.  IT’S REQUIRED.

EET’s Diet Includes Three Types of Giving In

How will you give in strategically? There are three key areas with one thing in common: these will always be high pressure situations that can make or break your diet, and we’ve failed at them over and over.  So we need better answers than anything you can find in today’s weight loss and fitness industry, which is why I searched elsewhere. What better model for high pressure results than the battle tested OODA Loop Model (Observe – Orient – Decide – Act ) used for fast and effective decision making in most forms of combat. Here’s how it works for giving in:


Type 1) Give in to PROCRASTINATION

Don’t just do something. Stand there!

Remember “Don’t Panic” from Step 2?  Sometimes the best action is no action.

I used to think procrastination was a weakness and the reason we get fat, but no longer. We just don’t use it strategically. In the world of EET for weight loss, procrastination is just another word for WAITING, and as EET teaches, many good things can happen while you wait, including a lot of weight loss!

I’m not saying you should go out of your way to procrastinate, but there are definitely times to embrace it.  

Example: I planned to exercise for 30 minutes on Tuesday doing high internsity intervals (HIIT), but woke up feeling like crap and want to skip it.

  • Observe: If I skip exercise it will slow my weight loss and fitness progress. I’ll feel like I’m screwing up, which leads to quitting.  On the other hand, forcing myself to exercise will lead to resentment of my plan which almost always leads to quiting.
  • Orient: Don’t just do something, STAND THERE!  Take a moment, or a few minutes, hour or day to stop and ask yourself:
  • “How can I make this situation help me reach my weight loss target?” 
  • “Can I afford to be lazy today and still meet my targets for this diet?”
  • “Could I be productive doing half my workout?”
  •  “Is there something else I’m willing to do during exercise time that  would help me as much or more in my weight loss efforts?”  
  • Decide: I’m comfortable with 10 minutes of quality HIIT exercise today.   This provides a little metabolic stimulation and helps build consistency in my exercise which will be a new tool for me.
  • Act: Execute decision to the best of your ability remembering the phrase “give in strategically”.


Type 2) Give in to TEMPTATION

Example: I want to eat low carb / cal / fat tonight. My wife walks in with amazing seafood pasta and salad.

  • Observe: Wife offering decadent meal
  • Orient: Remember weight loss goal and official weigh in date
  • Decide: By shifting future meal timing and exercise I can eat the decadent dinner now and still find a way to make one of my 3 weight loss targets 5 days from now at my official weigh-in.
  • Act: Execute decision to the best of your ability remembering the phrase “give in strategically”.


Type 3)  Give in to STRESS

Example: I get a call telling me a rental house we are selling falls out of escrow and we are racking up finance and staging charges. I get overwhelming cravings for some ice cream

  • Observe: I’m hurting from the stressful news and want to eat food to comfort this pain and feel better.
  • Orient: Stress eating often creates more stress so I want to “time” what I eat to get the most value at the least cost to my weight loss goals.  I would like to reach my crash diet target at my official weigh in 3 days from now.
  • Decide: I would like pizza and beer, but my weigh in is too close to do that and not feel more stress. So, to minimize the damage, I’ll relieve some stress by moving my workout to pre-dinner. Then, I’ll add a good size bowl of Ice cream for dessert with an option for a second HUGE bowl if needed. If I need more stress eating after that I’ll slowly eat 4 Coffee Rio candies and dedicate 15 minutes to come up with a new strategy on how to be done eating for tonight.
  • Act: Execute decision to the best of your ability remembering the phrase “give in strategically”.

But they tell me “you can do it!”

Coaches, trainers and experts can claim they’ll transform you to embrace a “healthy lifestyle” as they define it. It’s been years and it hasn’t quite worked out for most of us, has it?

That’s because there are a lot of pleasurable things to give into in this life and your guru won’t always be there to prevent you from giving in to the never ending temptations of eating amazing food in amazing portions; or plunging into the ice cream when you’re stressed out of your mind; or enjoying the relaxation and comfort of your favorite chair and the TV instead of exercise. For fast, lasting weight loss, cheerleading and motivation are useless.

Your answers lie strictly in the relationship between YOU, FOOD AND QUALITY OF LIFE. No one else. It’s all up to you to learn how replace harmful old thoughts with helpful new ones. And that happens when you learn to apply:

give in strategicallyNext:  Step 5 The End

I told you EET’s Crash Diet is different. Study EET’s Crash Diet Steps 1  -4 if you’re serious about successful crash dieting for lasting results.

NOTE: This information is in no way a recommendation to attempt a diet of any sort–it’s for information and education purposes only. Readers assume all risk with their weight loss and fitness efforts–See disclaimer below for more.

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disclaimer oct 2012


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