How and Why To End “Eat Less Move More” FOREVER for Weight Loss, Fitness and Health

track nothing eat less

Hopefully, you’re following EET’s latest approach we guarantee you have not tried before to safely and effectively lose a lot of weight fast and keep it off in a few simple steps:

While we give you a chance to digest the first four (of five) steps,  here’s some additional insights on weight loss, nutrition and exercise for those who want the highest possible chance of success.

Ending Eat Less / Move (Exercise) More FOREVER


track nothing martinislide


FACT: There are endless studies that show you can make yourself eat less and lose weight more quickly if you track the details and progress of your efforts.

FACT: Every one of those endless studies shows dieters will stop tracking whatever you start tracking over time. According to all available science, tracking data and progress will lead to weight GAIN within 2-5 years.

Examples of what NEVER to track for lasting weight loss and fitness:

  • Calories or Points
  • Carbs Fats or Proteins
  • Foods or meals in any sort of food diary
  • Exercise or activity efforts
  • Your scale weight* or body fat %
  • You physical appearance (photo updates, clothing size, etc)

This means no fitness apps or fitness wearables are part of your plan. No progress updates. No data to share with a coach or buddy for accountability. Nothing means nothing.

*Using EET, we weigh in on the scale as the one measure of weight loss (read why here). However, we NEVER track scale weight on a chart, graph, app or any other format.

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WHY End “Eat Less” Forever?

It’s vital to lasting success that you never think about eating less.

Your “automatic brain” has no idea that you’d like to lose 20 pounds to fit into your skinny jeans. It’s hardwired to push you to eat more until we’re satisfied and store plenty of fat. Both are key elements of survival. So, to your brain, the mere thought of:

Eat less = Deprivation and risk of starvation – need to eat NOW!

This biological reality is why nearly all restrictive diets fail.  You can only struggle and suffer against your own biology for so long.

Knowing this, I track nothing to keep my automatic brain blissfully unaware if I’m eating more or less each day. I eat what I want, when I want. No restrictions. Period. Some days that’s a ton, others I could be a poster boy for Amnesty International, most days it’s somewhere in between. Kind of like the rest of my life.

If things always went perfectly, I would love to write up my life’s story and share it with the world. My entire brain would be so proud!  The reality is they rarely go perfectly and that’s the problem with thinking about eating less, ever.

Think of it this way: It’s so much easier to enjoy my life and my diet when I don’t have the “Pearlstone Eating Less” project binder sitting on my desk reminding my brain how I’m depriving it of food it desires.  I’m also pretty sure reviewing the “Pearlstone Binge Report” detailing every macronutrient from the 10,000 calories I ate last night while crying about how miserable my life is won’t help me with my weight and fitness efforts over the long haul.

WHY End “Move More” Forever?

Our bodies were built to move a lot, so it would seem like your automatic brain wouldn’t mind you tracking all the details of your exercise and activity. Seeing progress is exciting and gives you lots of material for endless pics and videos that apparently must be shared daily on Facebook to show how great you’re doing, and get lots of support and accountability.

And you’re right. Unlike focusing on eating less which is a virtual guarantee of misery, exciting progress in moving more will be pleasing to your brain and your body.

Until you stop, of course. Then, things can get ugly.

Your lack of progress will lead to frustration. Your lack of discipline will lead to guilt. These are very harmful emotions that very quickly crush a lifetime goal of weight loss.

There’s more to the story.  Your brain learns using associations and we know what most people associate with moving more. Pain. This is because we’ve associated moving more with painful exercise we’re sure is need to lose weight on a diet.  This leads to hating exercise, dieting and pretty much moving in general. I have many more science backed reasons I could cover, but hopefully you get the point:

We need to stop worrying about moving more, FOREVER.  This requires  never tracking the details or your progress if you want truly lasting results.

track nothing eat less

Still Not Convinced? Consider This.

When people are in between aka “off” diets and/or exercise plans, they track nothing. THEY DON’T WANT TO KNOW. Why? Because it avoids frustration and guilt and makes life more enjoyable. It stands to reason that any plan that can produce weight loss and fitness without tracking anything would be highly desirable and far more likely to produce lasting results!

How To Get Started Tracking Nothing: Next Week

If you feel you must focus on something, make it your game plan for the next week or month.  This can include

  • Daily eating, exercise and activity menus
  • Food options for different times of day
  • Exercise Routines
  • Activities you’d like to try

Focusing on and even writing up your future plans is an incredibly useful exercise for the logical part of your brain.  It helps you stay in control over the very powerful automatic brain.  You’ll make better choices by “preprogramming”, and, once you learn how, it’s far more enjoyable and effective than tracking events that have already happened.

However, under no circumstances should you track your actual results against your projected game plan.

Some days you’ll eat a lot more, some days you’ll eat a lot less, and if you manage this appraoch well, your scale weight will go down and your fitness will go up.  Does that mean you’re eating less and moving more?

Who knows? Who cares?

We just want to be happy with our weight, fitness, relationship with food, and have a great quality of life.  And our best chance of getting there for the long haul is to:

track nothing martinislide


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