How to Create Enough Self Control (not Willpower) for Fast, Lasting Weight Loss

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Hopefully, you’re following EET’s latest approach we guarantee you have not tried before for safe, fast, lasting weight loss.

While we give you a chance to digest the first four (of five) steps,  here’s some additional insights on weight loss, nutrition and exercise for those who want the highest possible chance of success.

How To Create Self Control For Fast, Lasting Results

Below is an excerpt that explains how your brain hardwires prior experiences and emotions that all but force you to stay with established behaviors and make any lasting change so difficult.  They are from the 2014 book Rewire: Change Your Brain to Break Bad Habits by Richard O’Connor PhD.

Before you read it, here are the takeaways of how EET applies this new scientific knowledge your efforts at fast, lasting weight loss:

1. Everyone has established “neural highways” (highways) in their brain 

These are built based on prior experiences and emotions. Over time they become so strong they create “automatic brain” behaviors.

2. Nearly everyone’s highways include intense desires for pleasurable food and relaxation.

3. Nearly everyone’s highways are in hardwired in our automatic brain to end pain.

This is why most dieters have intense desires to avoid deprivation and painful exercise.

4. Our highways related to prior failed weight loss and fitness efforts are locked in our automatic brain.

When something makes you think about dieting, these highways will fire. You’ll have little chance to use self control to overcome your desires or to change behaviors.   

5. You can’t force a weight loss diet for lasting results. 

While fast weight loss is possible following a diet you hate, constantly fighting the powerful established highways in your automatic brain is too painful. Soon, you’ll default to your old habits which will overwhelm willpower and prevent lasting results.  

6. Lasting results are only possible through the creation and reinforcement of new highways.

Over time, you can strengthen new highways and make them part of your automatic brain.  This does not require willpower. The new highways are the paths that will painlessly lead you to lasting results.  

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From Rewire:

The undertow (your struggles to change based on prior challenges and negative experiences) gets much of its power from the paths etched in our brains by bad habits. One slip and we’ve left the (newly built neural) highway,  and are back on the old road that was abandoned but never torn up.  We’ve talked about how the mind builds physical connections between cells that become stronger as we practice our habits. We have to learn new habits to replace our old self destructive patterns, and as we learn them, new channels in our brain become stronger and deeper. But the problem is that the old channels are still there and we can easiy slip back into them.  

Brain research has not found a way to tear up those old channels….Life won’t leave you alone. There are always new stresses, many of which press our same old self-destructive buttons. Our old bad habits become the brain’s default circuits when we are face with temptation, fatigue or stress. Rewirign the braing to develop and reinforce healthier circuitry takes consistent practice…so you have to train your nervous system as you would train muscles and reflexes, to make the right choice without thinking too much (This is EET’s Metabolic Memory Concept from 2008!).

The best implication of this is that each time you replace a self destructive behavior pattern with something healthier, it will be easier to do it again. Neurons that fire together, wire together.  

Some of our most ingrained self-destructive behavior patterns are like superhighways in the brain by now. Easy on but not so easy off. But we can construct alternate routes just by focused practice….

The undertow gets all it’s power from the unconscious guilt self-hate and hopelessness that accompany the self-destructive behavior. Don’t allow yourself to wallow, just get back on the horse. The what the hell effect is an illustion. Your work is never wasted.  

I told you EET’s Crash Diet is different. Study EET’s Crash Diet Steps 1  -4 if you’re serious about successful crash dieting for lasting results.

NOTE: This information is in no way a recommendation to attempt a diet of any sort–it’s for information and education purposes only. Readers assume all risk with their weight loss and fitness efforts–See disclaimer below for more.

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