Weight Loss and Fitness Industry Obesity Report Card 5 Graphs Over 40 Years

 men women obese

Have you read the latest news?

More Than Two Thirds of Americans Are Overweight or Obese (Time.com June 2015)

The part that caught my attention was this quote:

The researchers conclude that interventions should prioritize healthy diet, physical activity and healthy social norms to get Americans back in shape.

Looking over the data below, some of which goes back 40 years,  EET Fitness reaches a FAR different conclusion about what sort of results we can continue to expect from the experts’ conclusions….

men women obesefitness industry graph

paleo diet google trends


slide 1 obesity statsslide 2 diabetes stats

For more comparisons (including McDonald’s and Soda sales impact) see prior post

If You Were New To Nutrition / Weight Loss / Fitness, What Do These Graphs Tell You.


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