2 New Studies Show Effect Of Carb Timing Chrononutrition For Diabetes = EET Fitness in 2008! – CAUTION

carb timing study

In 2008 EET Fitness made the bold claim that the key to reversing the diabetes and obesity epidemics will be found in Carb Timing. (Possible Christopher Columbus moment in the new world of Chrononutrition?)

In 2011 EET Fitness produced unprecedented results using an unrestricted timing diet in a Dr. Supervised Trial at a Portland, Or  Check out the video we produced interviewing participants and medical professionals -email us at eetfit@gmail.com and we’ll send you the entire study for free:

In 2014 a study from the prestigious Salk Institute showed timing has a profound effect on diabetes and obesity in mice

In 2013 –  2014 there were multiple clinical studies on humans that confirmed timing has a profound effect on weight and blood markers. For example here and here and here.

Now in 2015 we can add two recent studies that are confirming the power of meal and carb timing for diabetics – PLEASE READ EET’S CAUTIONS UNDER EACH (remember I’ve been practicing and teaching this stuff for seven years, maybe I have something of value to add?):

STUDY 1 Diabetes and Chrononutrition  June 2015

Although both diets contain the same amount of calories, blood glucose increased less (23% decrease) after lunch before a big breakfast.”

EET Caution: Trying to commit to a restrictive TIMING diet of eating most of your calories for breakfast, especially on a caloric restrictive diet, is a strategy doomed to failure for nearly everyone and will lead to weight gain and reduced health within 2-5 years.

STUDY 2  Food Order has a Signifcant impact on Post Prandial Glucose and Insulin Levels Diabetes Care July 2015

“In contrast to conventional nutritional counseling in diabetes, which is largely restrictive and focuses on “how much” and “what not to eat,” this pilot study suggests that improvement in glycemia may be achieved by optimal timing of carbohydrate ingestion during a meal.”

EET CAUTION: This study showed the benefits of carb timing DURING A SPECIFIC MEAL.  The implication here is that you’ll eat your meatballs and side of high fat cream spinach before you’ll eat your spaghetti, or pick off your pepperoni and green peppers before eating the crust of your pizza. Who is going to live their lives this way?  Many dieters and diabetics I fear, and I’m even more afraid of weight loss and diabetic coaches recommending this as they take any new finding from science and suggest or even recommend it without really thinking about the long term effects of trying it. EET teaches metabolic carb timing by meals during the DAY (lunch vs dinner), and through EET Behavioral Timing by day, week, and month.   Why? Because this is how people live their lives when their NOT on a diet and can make it work long term.

BOTTOM LINE: Without EET Behavioral Timing, these findings are just more restrictions that will create diet failure, weight gain and worse health. Any timing strategy has to makes sense for your lifestyle short and long term–these studies don’t consider that in their protocols. They have to do this to control variables–just be aware that doesn’t translate to real world dieting!

EET the new paradigm

In any case – 7 years after EET discovered it, Metabolic and Carb Timing for diabetics is standing up to the rigors of scientific study – Maybe the weight loss, fitness and research community will actually answer one of my emails (God forbid they contact me first!)  if they want to learn the more important power EET Behavioral Timing a little faster. 🙂

NOTE: This information is in no way a recommendation to attempt a diet of any sort–it’s for information and education purposes only. Readers assume all risk with their weight loss and fitness efforts–See disclaimer below for more.

  Questions?  Contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     

disclaimer oct 2012

c 2015 EET Fitness Inc.  All Rights Reserved


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