Why We NEED 20 Varieties of Cheesecake, Mustard for Weight Loss – Repeatable Solutions For Obesity

 not different for everyone

Since 2008, EET has been searching for better answers than the decades of expert’s decades of claiming “many diets work” and advice to “just find a plan that works for you”. Why? Because that advice has produced this:

slide 1 obesity stats

There are better answers out there. In our latest TV Show Time To Get Fit!we introduced a number of “repeatable solutions” we’ve discovered that are:

  • Science based
  • Have worked consistently for most (if not all) clients
  • Continue to work for years as part of our successful long term clients EET plans.


Think of EET’s Repeatable Solutions like aspirin. When people get a headache, they know aspirin is a proven cure. No, it doesn’t work every time, but it’s proven to work consistently for the long term over a large population.

Can you name one repeatable solution that the weight loss and fitness industry has produced over the last 50 years that can make this claim?  We sure can’t.  It’s clear that deprivation like calorie counting, restrictions like predefined portion control and forced exercise don’t deliver –and the list of failed solutions goes on and on.

We’ll share some of EET’s repeatable solutions that almost everyone can benefit from in this and future posts. You decide…

To watch prior episodes of Time To Get Fit!  Click HERE.

NOTE: This information is in no way a recommendation to attempt a diet of any sort–it’s for information and education purposes only. Readers assume all risk with their weight loss and fitness efforts–See disclaimer below for more.

  Questions?  Contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     

disclaimer oct 2012

c 2015 EET Fitness Inc.  All Rights Reserved


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