How EET Fitness Started

My name is Jon Pearlstone, I currently live in Marin County, California and I am 47 years old (born 1963).

I am the founder of the Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) Fitness Plan



And just for FUN! Here’s an updated pic of me at my lowest weight EVER  160 lbs in October 2011 at age 48 3/4!!

The difference between the two pictures is my use of the EET Fitness Plan.

EET is the Plan that developed in May of 2008 after multiple failed efforts at weight loss and fitness.

UPDATE SEPT 2011 — I wrote this at the request of a Fitness Group and it sounded pretty good — plus I need to update more often–so here goes!

Hey Folks
Jon Pearlstone here, founder of the EET (Eating and Exercise TIMING) Fitness Plan. EET has no calorie or point counting, no food restrictions and no exercise requirement. It’s all about having FUN and using good TIMING (developed through some of the fundamentals of the science of Nutrient Timing) to enhance or even truly alter your metabolism to create weight loss and improved fitness. EET has been successful with all ages and types of people including remarkable results for Diabetics. more info on EET’s Blog or at

I have always been a student of fitness, and I have over 5 years of experience as a high school football, basketball and track coach and strength and conditioning coordinator.  (Note:  As of May 2010 I have now added the designation of Certified Personal Trainer to my credentials –Remember, with EET the more you learn, the more weight you lose–so I am very committed to continuing to learn)

With a weight loss and fitness industry that has a 98% failure rate, and with obesity at the highest levels ever, I became convinced that conventional fitness and weight loss methods provide no sustainable solutions for permanent weight loss and fitness and therefore new answers must be discovered.  I set out to find those answers.

My research and common sense led me to the conclusion that the only sustainable exercise and fitness plan would be one that succeeded in recreating as much of the diet and metabolism of my youth as possible.  This was a time when I could eat endlessly and never gain weight, when calorie counting was a waste of time, and I could eat all the foods I loved every day.

And it’s important to understand that the foods I love are what most people in the field of nutrition consider to be the worst, least healthy forms of junk food you can eat.

But that was the objective, lose weight, exercise less, look better and become more fit eating pizza,  ice cream, candy, donuts and so many other great foods!

There was no other plan I was the least bit interested in, because I knew I simply could not stay with it–it had to meet my objectives or I would simply go on gaining weight and getting in worse and worse shape like so many people do as they age.

I took a huge step in achieving my objective when I discovered that it’s not as important WHAT you eat as it is WHEN you eat it.

Another huge step was realizing it’s not how much you exercise, but what exercise you do and WHEN you do it that really matters.

More recently, I have discovered the role ACTIVITY performed at the correct times relative to your eating can play in weight loss, even if you don’t exercise at all.

The Eating and Exercise Timing Fitness Plan (EET)  and

The Eating and Activity Timing Weight Loss Plan (EAT)

are the results of my search, and they have succeeded in allowing me to eat what I love, exercise dramatically less time and still achieve more weight loss and a better body than I have ever had in my life–Teenage years included.

Now I am seeking to help others find their permanent weight loss and fitness plans through EET/EAT.


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