Harvard Gives Up On Calorie Counting 7 Years After EET. End Portion Control, Forbidden Foods Soon PLEASE!

calorie counting not best study

“NEW” RESEARCH EET FITNESS DID 7 YEARS AGO (And, It’s been clear since 2009 to anyone who saw this)!!!  Trying to be patient as experts begin to acknowledge no restrictive diet can produce lasting results.  EET just hates seeing so many people wasting years struggling on diets that science has proven failures as they will not last!

Everything has it’s time, I suppose….

“Our study adds to growing new research that counting calories is not the most effective strategy for long-term weight management and prevention,”

said senior author Dariush Mozaffarian, M.D., Dr.P.H., dean of the Friedman School (HARVARD).  This quote is not in the study itself–see this article about the study.



Those are all features of The EET Fitness Plan.  Is it too good to be true?  Can EET Timing help you achieve lasting results on a COMPLETELY UNRESTRICTED DIET?  Check out this recent post with a quick quiz to get you started or

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Want to Try EET’s Unrestricted Timing Diet? Take this simple 30 second quiz!

quiz each morning


Those are all features of The EET Fitness Plan.  Is it too good to be true?  Can EET Timing help you achieve lasting results on a COMPLETELY UNRESTRICTED DIET?  Here’s a really fast way to find out!  All you have to do is take this quiz every morning.

This is exactly what has worked for me and others for lasting results for the last seven years.  I hope it works for you too!  If you fill it in below you can see what others are choosing each day as well.

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The ONE Rule Followed By EVERY EET Fitness Long Term (4-5+ years) Weight Loss Success Story

success stories

EET Fitness has many guidelines to help in every situation (travel, holidays, stress, etc), but there is only ONE key SCIENCE BACKED RULE from EET that every one of our many multi-year success stories applies religiously (not perfectly, but religiously):

find what works stick with it EET never ends–just like life and your need to eat never ends until you die–some people who try EET for a short time (even after 2 years which is a short time given how long we need results!) simply keep deciding EET can end and turn it into their own plan (we call it __________(insert your first initial)EET).  

There has always been one and only EET Fitness Plan since 2008– but now there are many “sort of EET plans” tweaked by those who try EET and can’t believe THAT EET HAS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO RESTRICTIONS.  You simply always keep EET Guidelines in mind in your eating and exercise decisions. Our long-term success stories get it, and that is the main reason they are long term success stories!

This one Rule is why in EET’s Book you’ll find Guideline #1  Yo-yo Must Go!  Read it here for free….

Notice there’s no mention of specific nutrition, which foods you should avoid, how much exercise, how many calories or carbs you eat or even when you’ll eat them.  That’s because defining those things rigidly in a diet is a recipe for FAILURE.  Successful EETers know they will constantly be adjusting every part of their plan to achieve and maintain results.  Everything, including TIMING, is flexible to keep you comfortably sticking with your EET plan.

That’s EET’s secret to unparalleled lasting results.  If you can do it, then you can see lasting results without ever asking for help from an EET Trainer.

When you find you can’t after years of trying to reach your goals using diets focused on fast weight loss through deprivation and restriction, don’t get frustrated and whatever you do, don’t give up.  It’s simply time to ask for help, because EET can deliver!

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#1 (of 5) Simple Rule To Love Exercise – ZOMBIE MOTIVATION

meme zombie walk

Imagine the burden of having to exercise every single day. Forever.  Horrible, right?  Wrong!  You just need ZOMBIE MOTIVATION and you’ll love it!  Here are two big reasons why:

1)  Your “forever” is likely to be a lot longer if you exercise every day, forever.

2)  Your “forever” is likely to be a lot healthier and more active if you exercise every day, forever.

And this leads us to my #1 of 5 simple rules I believe everyone can adopt to help you love daily exercise with no rest days:

RULE 5  Become an Exercise Ninja  (covered in prior post)

RULE 4  Become an Exercise Doctor

RULE 3  Go Hard As Long As It’s Easy

RULE 2 Demand Nothing From Exercise


You probably don’t need proof that exercise is vital to a better quality of life as this blog and many others have endless studies to support these claims.  But one study worth focusing on is this one….

People who exercised definitely lived longer than people who didn’t exercise. As little as 15 minutes a day on average made a difference. Forty-five was the best. Even three hours didn’t beat 45 minutes—-a day.    (14000 people studied for 30 years From Living to 90 and Beyond)

But you know this.  You WANT to exercise, but you just can’t seem to motivate yourself to do it consistently.  Or occasionally….or at all…..

Well, there’s your problem!  You have been duped into believing you have to be motivated to exercise!


meme zombie


EET says GIVE UP.  There’s little hope for most of us to break our habits or change our beliefs about how exercise fits into our lives.  Just ask any personal trainer about how long most clients keep showing up.  There is only one solution —

ZOMBIE MOTIVATION:  An approach to exercise that allows you to manage doing it every day for at least a year or two.

This is where 1 minutes routines become crucial.  By just doing SOMETHING for a couple of years (think years not days or weeks) you’ll be infected by ZOMBIE EXERCISE TIME.  This is what creates ZOMBIE MOTIVATION!  Here are the symptoms:

  • How you feel each day physically, mentally and emotionally have nothing to do with your decision to exercise.  That decision was made long ago.
  • You’ll effortlessly plan for your daily exercise time without even thinking about it–exactly how we manage to show up for work or school damn near on time every time without some coach rah-rahing you that  “you can do it!  C’mon hop in that car and drive your ass off!”   Motivation loses it’s meaning.
  • You’ll seek out opportunities to manage exercise daily without being a huge pain in the ass to others during vacations and holidays
  • You’ll stop thinking about demanding results from exercise efforts.  Exercise just is. 
  • You won’t worry about how long you’re going to exercise.  30 minutes or more, 5 minutes or less.  You don’t care.  You just do.
  • Days off exercise are not even a consideration.  Hard Exercise becomes EASY .

and finally  – the most shocking symptom of all will tell you your transformation is complete

You’ll see exercise as exactly the same level of importance to EVERY day as eating.

Again, this takes years.  Not weeks or months.

Achieving ZOMBIE MOTIVATION may sound dreary but it’s the exact opposite–it’s freeing!  You’ll know exercise is in your blood (do zombies have blood?) and that’s when exercise can truly begin to help you with weight loss and fitness efforts for life.

ZOMBIE MOTIVATION has me loving exercise for seven years after 20 years of pushing myself to do it and coming to hate it.  You’ve got years of eating ahead of you, plus add a bunch more if you exercise daily!    Why not put a few years in on daily exercise and see what ZOMBIE MOTIVATION can do for you.

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The Twisted Logic Of Food Nazi Idiots For Quality of Life? NY Times Ice Cream Feature

ice cream sando

“The ice cream was brown sugar molasses, with a lovely, almost subliminal bitterness holding the sweetness in check between blocks of exceptionally dark, chewy brownie”

Pompous called the NY Times Food Writer of these words to find out how it could reach this level once thought only achieved by wine critics.

Sheesh– Wannabe foodies–they truly sicken me.  Get back to me when you can eat it without guilt or wondering how many hours you’ll suffer on the treadmill to justify “loving” it or if diabetes or cancer is going to kill you first because you ate it.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Comes of Age — New York Times

sugar addictive

Sweet Poison:  How Sugar, not Cocaine is one of the most Addictive and Dangerous Substances – New York Times

Every day, people rave about the amazing food they’ve eaten at the hottest new restaurants, recipes they tried or what they saw on the Food Network.

Every day, many of the same people rave about the harm that foods loaded with sugar and fats cause.

Yet, most of these amazing foods they are raving about are loaded with sugar and fats.

So amazing food is amazing, and we all want to be part of the “in crowd” that loves it.  But you shouldn’t eat it.


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How Much Weight Does Science Say You’ll Gain This Year? NEJM Study ANSWERS!

meme fat girls at bench

When it comes to weight loss and fitness solutions, the most important thing is to ask the right questions.  For example:

  • Why have obesity rates continued to rise over the last 10 years with Whole Foods sales skyrocketing and McDonalds sales falling?
  • Why do dieters keep finding themselves eating foods and amounts they would tell you they definitely do not want to eat?
  • Why to people ignore major studies to the contrary and keep blaming ingredients in food like gluten, sugar or chemicals for their weight and fitness problems

EET Fitness has been able to find answers to these questions and many more by carefully reading quality research and studies, and many have been covered in this blog (thank you Food Babe).  Today, we ask (and answer) an equally important question you might not have thought of that can absolutely change your life:


Why this is important:

If you can gain LESS than the average person does each year you can break out of proven behavioral patterns of obese people – this applies to all  ages over 18 but it’s especially true if you are obese and over 40 (details in the study or email us).  Science has conclusively proven that long – term weight loss is virtually impossible.  Doing all you can to make sure you have different results than participants in obesity studies that led to this conclusion can dramatically increase your chances at long-term weight management success  – a big step towards long term weight loss.


In 2000, The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) did a study on holiday eating and it’s effect on your weight.  We covered that here:

Study: Holiday Weight Gain New England Jour Medicine – RECOMMENDS TIMING  (link to the actual study below)

That study went further than just the holidays.  They tracked a large portion of the 200 participants’ weight for the entire year.  Per the study

In subjects who completed one year of observation, the weight increased by an average of 0.32 kg during the holiday period and 0.62 kg over the entire year, suggesting that the period contributing most to yearly weight change is the six-week holiday period.

.62 kg is just under 1.5 Pounds per year.  There’s your answer!

It’s important to point out the study included an incredibly broad range of people with different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.  This increases the chances that the 1.5 pound figure is accurate for the population as a whole, so you can rely on it.  However, it doesn’t account for AGE.  There are a number of young people (18-30) in that annual figure who are probably not gaining as fast as the older people.  I would speculate that the younger people gain less than 1.5 and the older people (say 40+) gain MORE than 1.5 lbs per year on average.


  • If you can keep your weight gain per year below .62 kg (1.5 lbs) per year, you dramatically increase your chances of finding a long-term weight LOSS solution because you will no longer be “just like everybody else”.
  • If you happen to lose weight over a year, you can feel even better about it because your weight should be GOING UP 1.5 lbs each year.  For example if you lose 10 pounds for a year, science says you should consider that 11.5 pounds lost because you were supposed to gain 1.5 lbs!
  •  Over 10 years this means if you can avoid gaining 15 pounds you are doing better than average and if you just lose 10 pounds it’s truly like losing 25 pounds!!.

This information is SO much more important than your eating and exercise strategies.  How do I know?  I asked the right questions and The New England Journal of Medicine had the answer on that one too!

Link to NEJM Study:  A Prospective Study of Holiday Weight Gain


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Can I Relate To Your Weight Loss And Fitness Journey? You Decide – Here’s Mine

me in high school

I grew up on that borderline between fit and fat.  My exercise efforts were inconsistent, but one thing was constant:  My love of junk food and huge portions.  I fondly remember huge bottles of coke after school, and Mom stocking the pantry with Pepperidge Farm Cookies.  I would routinely pound 2-3 McDoubles then head home for dinner. I just kept right on looking like an ordinary, average guy.

Then, around age 25, it happened.  I’m now married with a kid, a mortgage and working 80 hours a week.  I noticed my pants were a bit tighter.  First thought, “Give up the junk food and go on a diet”.  I started counting calories and eating more fruits and vegetables and lost that weight almost immediately.  “Whew, glad that’s over” I foolishly thought.  It was far from over.  It began a cycle of gaining weight then dieting to fight those extra pounds.  I held my own for several years.

In my early 30’s, my luck ran out.  I fought harder by exercising endlessly with hours of weights and mountain biking.  I obsessively looked for ways to burn more calories and tried lots of diets that called for healthier choices and reducing portions.  Complete disaster.  I’d end up stuffing my face before bed nightly. And the weight just kept on coming.  When the scale confirmed I had gained 25 pounds I officially decided I’d had enough.  No more weigh-ins for me!

My unexpected transformation began at age 45.  I was coaching a high school football team and was the strength and conditioning coach.  One day, I’m closing up the weight room.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I was fat!  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  “I’ve got to do something!”  I came up with an idea out of sheer desperation.

“I’ll put together the Team’s summer conditioning program, and I’ll suck it up and do it with them”.  Then I had the thought that changed my life:  “If I don’t see MEASURABLE results after that, I’m done.”  I meant it too. It all came down to this.  I started preparing.

dynamic core developmenet

My “hail mary” – The 2008 conditioning program website

Shortly after my weight room revelation, I’m the stands at my son’s spring football practice at UCLA.   When it ended, something strange caught my eye.  Trainers passed out Muscle Milk Protein Shakes and demanded the players drink them immediately.  I asked my son why.  He said, “Nutrient timing.  You’re supposed to have lots of carbs and protein right after exercise during the two hour “metabolic window”.  It helps us recover faster to handle two-a-days”.

I’m like, “Holy crap!  If protein and carbs help recovery right after exercise, couldn’t you eat ice cream or fast food?  Now, there’s a diet I think I could stay with!”  Guess what?  I was right!  I moved ahead with my summer exercise program, but I also “timed” feasts including all the foods I loved right after my workouts.  And I saw results.  I lost 15 pounds and got a lot stronger!  That was the birth of Eating and Exercise Timing (EET).   Of course, there’s a lot more to the story, like nutrition needs and finding better, shorter ways to exercise.  There’s no way I could stay with a grueling football conditioning plan forever!

giant donut 2015 after

It’s now been seven years since I discovered EET.  From ages 45-52, while most peoples’ weight and health are deteriorating,  I’ve successfully managed my weight, fitness and health without giving up foods or portions I love and without tracking a single calorie or hours of painful exercise. Just Timing.   And, as great as it feels to be healthy, fit and free to eat without restrictions later in life, I get far more satisfaction from helping others!  For the last five years as a trainer and fitness consultant, I’ve found my life’s passion:  Helping people just like me who have struggled for years and feel miserable about it achieve lasting results while ending guilt about loving food.  


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5 Simple Rules To Love Exercise: Demand Nothing From Exercise

expectation beer bottles

Hope, pray, beg, plead, want, encourage, or anticipate results from it, but; whatever you do, never DEMAND anything from your exercise efforts.

These are my 5 simple rules I believe everyone can adopt to help you love daily exercise with no rest days:

RULE 5  Become an Exercise Ninja  (covered in prior post)

RULE 4  Become an Exercise Doctor

RULE 3  Go Hard As Long As It’s Easy

RULE 2 Demand Nothing From Exercise

changes the sails

Most people exercise to look and feel better.  Others skillfully use exercise to dramatically improve health markers.  Still others use it strategically to keep them fit while eating an unrestricted diet :-).

Whatever your motive, you won’t exercise consistently for the next 10 – 50+ years if you demand specific results.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Of course you can make your best effort to reach your goals, and you can really really want to see results. But:

  • How long do you give yourself to meet your demands?
  • What happens if your demands are not met?  Push Harder?  Quit?
  • What happens after you DO achieve them?  Demand More?  And More?

Timing is everything, so think about the impact of demanding results over time

  • The next 6 weeks
  • The next year
  •  5 years
  •  25 years?

If you’ve achieved amazing fitness today by demanding results — did this approach to fitness “work” if you get hurt or burned out and are half as fit a year from now?  If you’re miserable because of the restrictions and demands of your amazing fitness?

Fit, fat or in between, we’ve all got a long way to go not matter where you are today.

Why exactly do I exercise?  

Because I hope and pray to do effective exercise as often as needed that delivers a very long, healthy and HAPPY life.

But it’s against my rules to add the impossible expectations that come with demanding it.


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5 Simple Rules To Love Exercise: Go Hard As Long As It’s Easy

1 minute stretch tam

These are my 5 simple rules I believe everyone can adopt to help you love daily exercise with no rest days:

RULE 5  Become an Exercise Ninja  (covered in prior post)

RULE 4  Become an Exercise Doctor

RULE 3  Go Hard As Long As It’s Easy

jump rope with will

How do you stick with an exercise program for years (or life)?  Make it EASY.  How?  Find effective exercise routines you want to do consistently.  Then, every day, GO EASY:

EASY = NEVER risking injury while going as hard as you can for as long as you want to.

Here are a few tips to help you find your EASY daily workout routine:

  • If you’re focused and truly going hard, it’s rare to feel like any routine longer than 30 minutes is EASY.
  • Some days, your body or mind will tell you 1-2 minutes is all that sounds EASYListen.

anthony mason before after

 Tragically, like most people, NBA superstar Anthony Mason’s desire to endure painful exercise did not last

Don’t be fooled by superstar athletes and hard bodies who tell the only way to succeed is to suck it up and push past your limits.  Most are young and can’t see that enduring hours of painful exercise 3-5 days a week for the next 30-50 YEARS is not a lifestyle most people want or can sustain – especially after age 50.

Simply go as hard as you can as long as it’s EASY and soon you’ll wonder why it took you so long to love daily exercise! 

For more on easy exercise you can check out EET’s Exercise Book:  Go Easy Fitness (free preview)

go easy fitness cover Boot camp

NEXT:  RULE 2  Demand NOTHING From Exercise

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Be an Exercise Dr: 5 Simple Rules To Love Exercise MY Blood Readings 2007-14

triglycerides 2007 2014

These are my 5 simple rules I believe everyone can adopt to help you love daily exercise with no rest days:

RULE 5  Become an Exercise Ninja  (covered in prior post)

RULE 4  Become an Exercise Doctor

blood glucose 2007 2014

From age 45-52 where most watch their health readings deteriorate,  every one of mine has improved over the last 7 years.

blood pressure 2007 2014

The most important takeaway for you?

By becoming an “Exercise Doctor” I’ve learned how to use Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) to control, improve and maintain each specific health reading I value — while eating a completely unrestricted diet! 

weight 2007 2014


I think the graphs above and below prove this quite nicely — but here’s a summary anyhow:

  • Seven years eating a completely unrestricted diet
  • Eating all the foods I love in the portions I love
  • Applying exercise as needed to maintain and improve all of my health readings
  • Constantly learning new ways to improve each reading, and prevent injury and illness with no sacrifice of food.
  • Proving that long-term weight loss, fitness and an amazing relationship with food is possible for me AND OTHERS

These results built around a lifestyle I truly enjoy make me love and appreciate every exercise session.  And these amazing benefits can only happen when you become an Exercise Doctor!

cholesterol 2007 2014

For more “Exercise Doctor” history, you can read about my cholesterol adventures here:

Mr. EET Lowers Cholesterol 53 pts in 5 WEEKS w/KFC, Long John Silvers, More

NEXT:  RULE 3  Go Hard as Long as It’s Easy

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