Power of TIMED Daily Diet Mountain Dew = 5 Lbs Weight Loss in 1 Week on EET Timing Diet – Here’s How

mountain dew pic

Below is a successful specific example of how Timing Menus Turn into Food and Exercise Menus that turn into weight loss on The EET Timing Diet!

Let’s say my Daily Timing Menu calls for me to lose 5 pounds this week – on The EET Timing Diet that might look like this – notice the menu calls for 5 out of 8 days of weight loss this week (I weigh-in after 8 days–that’s an EET week — gives me an extra day to meet the goal, enjoy my weekends more and improves the odds of success!):  

weekly timing menu 5 lbs

 You can review EET Weekly and Calendar Timing Menus here and here

My “go to” approach for weight loss days almost always includes very low carb meals for dinner.  This could be a big challenge:  Very low carb meals can suck when you love eating carbs every day as much as I do, and if I use willpower, motivation and discipline to eat sucky meals I don’t like, my experience (and science) proves I won’t stay with that diet for long.  Therefore on the EET Timing Diet, struggling to succeed is not an option.  I MUST BE COMFORTABLE ON MY DIET AT ALL TIMES.  

And there’s where the TIMED Diet Mountain Dew comes into play:

mountain dew pic

I enjoy Diet Mountain Dew a lot.  Almost as much as my all-time fav Coke Slurpee.  Recently, I realized that if I pour icy cold Mountain Dew into a chilled glass over ice, it freezes up, kind of like a slurpee.  Add to this the fact that Diet Mountain Dew has no carbs (vs the mega-carbs in a coke slurpee), calories or fat and I knew I had found an exciting solution for my very low carb dinners – no suffering required!  

Diet Mountain Dew prepared this very special way has now become an incredible treat to me, but only when eaten at the correct time as part of my weekly plan’s very low carb dinners!  I NEVER drink my “Mountain Dew on the rocks with a lemon twist” any other time.  I want to keep looking forward to it helping me execute my Daily Timing Menu and create weight loss!  

RESULT FOR THE WEEK:  5 pounds of weight loss — delivered as planned!

Daily menu example w foods

Above is a sample Daily Timing Menu of timed food, exercise and activity for for weight loss.  Over 6+ years I’ve developed huge variety in these menus (see footnote at end of post for more) but this is a good current example.  My Timing Menus have turned into specific foods, exercise and activity that I’m comfortable following–especially lately with Timed Diet Mountain Dew!  

Plus, though I can’t cover them here, remember there are 3 other days (the weekend) in my 5 pound weight loss Weekly Timing Menu where I’m targeting a breakeven or weight GAIN so that allows me to choose even more decadent menus which could be timed restaurant meals I love, huge portions (Guideline #23 ilovesupersizing), or any other food on the planet.  And I still lost 5 pounds this week!  See how TIMING can easily turn into FOOD, EXERCISE and ACTIVITY choices?  

I must add, that while it can work very short term, I try really hard not to rely on willpower to stick with my TIMING  diet– again because it never lasts.  Instead every single eating and exercise decision I make is based on:

Calendar:  TIMING

Weekly:  TIMING

Daily:     TIMING

and finally more…

Meal (Metabolic):  TIMING

 I really want to lose weight but I also really want to enjoy what I eat and feel satsified and comfortable on my diet.  There is no existing weight loss and fitness diet built on deprivation, restrictions and forced painful exercise that can accomplish both (again, science proves this).   Therefore, every food on my EET Timing Menus must be carefully evaluated for TIMING and SATISFACTION = comfortable at all times.  The “missing link” is to find a huge menu of satisfying foods you can eat at all times!!  

Let’s break down the choice of my 0 Carb Diet Mountain Dew “on the rocks” so you can see what I mean.  I didn’t just throw in a a can of Diet Mountain Dew, I asked “what could I do with Diet Mountain Dew that will allow me to execute my Daily Menu and meet my weekly goal?”  I knew if I had a Coke slurpee with dinner I could easily go low carb for the rest of my meal because it would feel like adding a decadent dessert.   By becoming a Diet Mountain Dew connoisseur  the way others have very particular ways to get max enjoyment from their wine, I was able to follow my Daily menu to near perfection and add weight loss to my menu as well!

Sound crazy?  Timing satisfying foods and working to make them even more effective for weight loss doesn’t sound as crazy to me as ignoring science and trying to deprive yourself of the foods and portions you love most FOREVER only to endlessly yo-yo diet and gain weight.  Now that’s crazy – and I should know — I did the yo-yo diet thing for 20 years!

Since 2008 EETers have been taught to give up on the scientifically proven diet failure of struggling to of “eat less and exercise more”.  We replace it with:

Better timing and more satisfying food for better results!



The above story is completely true.  There is simply no way I could have been comfortable following my Daily Menu without one carefully TIMED food choice — Diet Mountain Dew (it truly would have been worthless or even harmful at any other time).  However, this important footnote is in order:

Diet Mountain Dew on the rocks worked for THIS weekly plan, and it might work again occasionally, but it could NEVER work every time as my “go to” treat to make my EET plan successful.  For dieters to be successful long-term we MUST have variety!  (Pain-Free Guideline #21 Use Endless Variety To Stay On Your Diet-ee)  

Over 6 plus years of successful weight loss I have committed to endlessly search for new foods that I enjoy at the right time that can work to keep me happy on my diet day in and day out.  A few examples of foods and the meal timing that made them effective are:

DQ Dilly Bar For Lunch — This worked for lunch 2 or more days a week for several years.  Slowly, the thrill wore off.  I look forward to using it again down the road for more weight loss benefits.

EET Eggwhite Omelette — A staple for my low carb dinner times for several months.  The thought of eating one now disgusts me, but now that I think about it,  Mrs. Renfro’s Raspberry Chipotle Salsa might make it work again–hmmm.

Grilled Salmon Burgers With Asian Garlic Chili Sauce — This worked recently for about 3 weeks in a row as a low-carb dinner entree, then I ran out of salmon burgers.  Need to restock because there’s more weight loss available here!

Canned Salmon – Late night food that I enjoyed early in my EETing efforts as a late night emergency food. This is another food that currently repulses me.   Working on different recipes to bring it back someday and finding other late night foods.  

Grilled Sabatinos Low Fat Sausages Grilled and LOADED on a low carb wrap for low carb dinners – never seem to get sick of this one at the right time!

Even with great EET Timing Menus, there are many times I don’t meet my weight-loss targets.  Nothing works every time, and there are other EET Guidelines to help me manage that fact and still succeed long term.  Whatever happens, on the EET Timing Diet I’m always eating foods I enjoy and that’s a diet I can live with!


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Lose 8 lbs in September on the EET Timing Diet? YES! Here’s the Weekly Menu

weekly weight loss septHere’s a Weekly Timing Menu for 8 pounds of weight loss in September.  Why 8 Pounds?  Yesterday, I showed you an EET Calendar Timing Menu to lose 50 lbs in 12 months.  September called for 8 pounds of weight loss, and the above Weekly Timing Menu breaks that down to Weekly targets of how to get there.  Notice:

Yearly target = TIME

Calendar/Monthly target = TIME

Weekly target = TIME

You keep thinking EET’s menu’s should tell you what and how much to eat to meet these targets — that’s not how EET or long- term weight loss works.  That’s a FOOD diet, and as soon as we tell you to stop eating some food or some portion you love, or force you to limit yourself to certain foods you will come to hate–science says you’re not gonna stay with it–so EET will never restrict or try to control your food choices–we want you to succeed!

EET is a TIMING DIET, so we help you manage your TIMING!  Think about it.  Does it really matter what you eat, or how you exercise if your goal is weight loss and you meet weight targets on time?  NO.  (Again, this does not account for nutritional and fitness issues which are every bit as important as weight loss–we’ll cover that in future posts– right now we’re focused on weight loss menus).

But, once you have your weight loss targets defined by TIME, it becomes a lot easier to make eating and exercise choices to reach those targets in that amount of time.

If you were using these EET Timing Menus and decided to TIME 8 Pounds of weight loss in September, and you see on your Weekly Menu the target is to lose 5 pounds, can you start to visualize what sort of eating, exercise and activity you might do to reach that weekly target?  Does it involve a lot of struggling, sacrifice and painful exercise? 

More importantly, can you visualize a specific menu of foods, exercise and activity to reach your weight loss targets AND BE COMFORTABLE on that diet at all times?  Learning and applying EET’s Timing Guidelines, you can.

calendar timing 50 lbs

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Lose 50, 25 or 10 Lbs in 12 Months EET Calendar Timing Menus

calendar timing 50 lbsBelow are detailed Calendar Timing Menus to lose 50, 25 or 10 lbs using The EET Timing Diet.    Can a simple calendar help you lose weight?  Well, one things for sure, without a good calendar menu, it’s certainly causing you to GAIN weight (think “holiday season”).  So let’s take a look at how EET Timing taps into one of the most powerful timing tools of them all:

calendar timing 50 lbs

KEYS for 50 lb weight loss menu:  The EET Calender Timing Menu for 50 lbs of weight loss shows 2 months of weight gain.  Staying with your EET Timing plan at all times and minimizing the damage during those months where weight gain is likely will be key to reaching the 50 lb weight loss goal.    Next, we’ll look at a 25 lb menu.

calendar timing 25 lbs

KEYS:  The EET Calender Timing Menu for 25 lbs of weight loss is not simply half the numbers on the 50 lb weight loss menu.  While there are still 2 months for weight gain, 20 of the 25 lbs lost is accomplished by May.  This allows the EETer to gain just as much weight during vacation and holidays as an EETer using a 50 lb menu.  Why?  Because dieters who love amazing food tend to overdo weight gain and underdo weight loss, so we build that into their calendar!!   This also explains why we set the menu up to lose up to 29 pounds (4 more than needed), so holiday EETing can be enjoyed with minimal guilt and worry (EET calls it PAIN FREE dieting)– it’s all part of the EET Calender timing plan.    Finally, check out a 10 lb weight loss EET Calendar:  

calendar timing 10 lbs

KEYS:  The EET Calender Timing Menu for 10 lbs of weight loss has significant differences from menus for higher weight loss.  For various reasons, there are now 4 months for weight gain and the target weight loss gets as high as 16 pounds to create a lot of flexibility in eating and exercise choices during months where weight gain is likely. Again, building a calendar that accepts that dieters tend to overdo the weight gain months can really reduce stress which also increases the chances of success for any weight loss!     

ONE MORE IMPORTANT NOTE:  All Calendar Timing Menus are tailored and regularly adjusted to fit the lifestyle the EETer wants to lead while they lose weight!  For example, if they want to go Whale Watching in Maui in February :-) they simply adjust their Timing Calendar accordingly!

The EET Fitness Plan changes dieter’s entire focus to one thing:  TIMING.  The calendar is just one of many types of timing that EET has successfully used to changed dieters thinking about weight loss and fitness.  

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5 Easy Exercises For Weight Loss, Fitness Using EET Timing Diet

exercise time exercise 1What does it take to reach your weight loss and fitness goals? These 5 Easy EET Timing Exercises have proven to be key for many successful EETers.   While they may seem easy, they are far more important than any max effort cardio or strength workout could ever be.  They provide the foundation for applying the Guidelines of  The EET Timing Diet.  Can you guess the focus of these exercises?  TIMING!

The best part of these exercises?  You don’t even break a sweat.   And yet, they are exactly how science taught me a lasting PAIN-FREE approach to weight loss and fitness should work.  Here they are (click to enlarge):

exercise 2 goals

exercise  3 commitment

exercise 4 favorite foods

exercise 5 current lifestyle

exercise 5 lifestyle journal

exercise time exercise 1

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Timing Metabolic and Activity Windows for Fitness, Weight Loss : Sample Menus

sample timing menu dinnerAbove and Below are some specific EET Daily Exercise Menus to show you how Exercise TIming works along with a bunch of FAQ’s at the end of this post.

We covered the 5 keys to getting started with EET Exercise in yesterday’s blog post:

Exercise For Weight Loss : Learn These 5 Keys Or Just Stop. PLEASE!

That post could guide you through your first YEAR of exercise efforts on The EET Fitness Plan.   You can master that stuff and build a solid foundation for success if you’re serious about long term fitness and weight loss results.  However, it sometimes helps to get a look at the road ahead so I’ve decided to share these sample menus for Exercise Timing so you can see how it works day to day in the real world.  Here we go:

Before you review these menus, it will help a lot to understand the differences between Metabolic and Activity Windows as they are two main Timing Menu Options for EET Exercise TIming (click to enlarge):

metabolic and activity windows defined

This graphic is really important so please review– even if it does look like the Monopoly Title Deeds of Pacific Ave and Boardwalk — not intentional :-)

A summary of the graphic is EETers can choose to create a Metabolic Window (where many metabolic processes actually change function) by breaking down muscles using exercise before meals.  Or, EETers can create an Activity Window by performing activities after a meal.  Either way the objective is the same:  Metabolize carbs in a healthy way and get them out of your blood stream so we can get back to EET Transformation (Fat Loss) Time.   The Q and A at the end of this post covers more specifics worth knowing but now let’s dive into the sample menus:  


Here’s a typical EET Exercise Timing Menu that plans for an Exercise Metabolic Window today before lunch and an Activity Window Tomorrow after lunch:

sample exercise timing menu

The best part about EET Metabolic and Activity Windows is their endless flexibility when combined with EET Daily and Weekly TIming. You can “open a window” before or after any meal, any time of the day or night, and because EET only focuses on TIMING vs specific exercise requirements, you can do any exercise or activity for any amount of time you choose.  The possible Exercise Timing Menus are truly endless, and can fit everyone’s very busy lifestyle — next example shows the use of EET Windows at Dinner Time, then a Breakfast Example follows:

sample timing menu dinner

sample timing menu breakfast


If you’ve read this far then it’s a safe bet the questions are already flying— Here’s a few answers to get you started:

YES you can open only metabolic OR activity windows two days in a row or longer 

YES you can open windows on different meals during the week–there is no set pattern

YES you can eat whatever foods you want when the “window is open”  OR WHEN IT’S CLOSED – NOTHING is forbidden – EVER

YES there is no pre-defined portion control

NO you don’t have to count calories (better if you don’t in fact as it has nothing to do with EET Metabolic or Exercise TIming or long-term weight loss for that matter)

YES you can decide how long you want to exercise or how long you spend on the activity.


YES EETers really eat the decadent foods on these menus (and much more) and exercise for very short periods of time (if at all, some just use Activity Windows) and have lost weight and become more fit and maintained their results for years.

Q and A TIME

I know you have more questions, and I’ve dedicated the rest of this blog post to some of the most common onesI get asked by new EETers.  Hopefully, you see the potential Exercise Timing offers for a plan that can adjust to whatever lifestyle you choose. Whether it does or it doesn’t, just imagine how much more sense all of this would make if you would just take a year or so and work on the 5 Keys to Exercise Timing.  I know for a fact EET’s worth the time!

Let’s start our Q and A on EET Exercise Timing with the most commonly asked question:

Q:  Can Exercise Timing Work for me if I love to exercise in the morning but I love to eat carbs at night?

A:  Exercise Timing is NOT the key to long-term weight loss.  Eating Timing is where you should spend most of your time diligently practicing timing the foods you love!  Using other types of EET Timing (Daily, Weekly and Calendar for starters), as well as other EET Guidelines such as #9 Need it? Eat It!  If Not, Don’t,  #19 the EET Carb Management System and #21 the need for Variety (all taught in future steps), you can still use EET to eat what you want, when you want it and be able to reach your weight and fitness goals. 

Be aware, however, that your Exercise Timing is less than ideal from a Metabolic Timing standpoint.  You might consider less intense forms of exercise in the morning as you will see little benefit creating a metabolic window that will be long closed by time you eat your carbs 10 hours later.  However,  EET’s guidelines are crystal clear:  #13 Love your Activities (or exercise)  The weight loss will follow.  If you love activity that helps avoid “Yo-yo exercise” build it into your EET menu!  Never, EVER force any change just to lose weight or to improve your fitness — It won’t last.


Q:  Are you saying I should exercise before OR use activities to burn off carbs after EVERY meal with carbs ?

A:  See EET Guideline #1 Yo-yo Must Go! (free to read if you click the preview link on Amazon)  Is there any chance of you exercising or being active before or after every meal?  Hint:  The answer is NO.  EET just adds these options to our WeeklyTiming Menu when we think we can make the timing work.  You’ll be wrong a lot and you just change your menu and move on, because you can still succeed on EET.  How?  Mostly by staying aware that Exercise Timing is NOT the key to long-term weight loss — Eating Timing is!  For your first year you’re just practicing and rehearsing to see if Exercise Timing might be helpful to your long term goals so you have lots of time to build an effective Timing Plan.


Q:  How do I know if my exercise created a good metabolic window?


A:  You never know for sure, and you don’t need to know to succeed at EET long-term.  We simply do the best we can and we don’t stress about it.  However, there are two useful indicators:

  1)  Your large muscle groups are fatigued enough that you could not do many if any more sets/curcuits/intervals, etc.
  2)  You see steady fitness and possibly weight loss improvements over weeks and months.


Q:  What is the difference between EET Exercise and EET Activities?

A:  While you’re learning EET basics, just work on understanding how they work in EET Metabolic Timing:  Basically, exercise is what you do before eating carbs to create a metabolic window and activities are things you do after eating to burn off excess carbs.

Down the road, as your EETing skills become more advanced, you can learn to apply EET’s “official” definitions:

Exercise (EET Definition):  Helpful support to build the functional strength for a lifestyle of activities important to me.

Activities (EET Definition): Things I want, need and love to do for the lifestyle I desire.

The more you learn EET, the more you will love these definitions and the more they can help you!


Q:  I’ve read studies that say muscle growth is not significantly effected during a metabolic window.  Does this mean EET Exercise Timing isn’t backed by science and won’t work?

A:  There’s a study to back almost any position you want to support in weight loss and fitness (except a study to show ANY other diet or exercise program can consistently produce long-term results. Avoiding those proven failures is the science EET is most heavily based on!!).   Even if muscle growth is not enhanced there is overwhelming evidence from the Science of Nutrient Timing that eating carbs during a metabolic window offer tremendous health benefits such as glycogen restoration, vastly improved recovery from intense exercise and immune system benefits.  More importantly, EET Exercise Timing helps dieters create menus to time the carbs they love and try to be active when it best fits  their current lifestyles.  This dramatically increases the odds that EETers are enjoying their carbs at times that will help rather than harm our weight and fitness goals.


Q:  How should I decide whether to create a metabolic or activity window each day.

A: As you Progress learning EET Timing, the answer is your weekly timing menu.  Until then the answer is to choose whichever you are comfortable using and simply practice your timing.


Q:  Household chores like vacuuming and yardwork count as exercise on EET?

A:  YES.  Well, sort of.  They are officially EET Activities (see the definitions question above for the differences.  But, well-timed activities can burn carbs and help you get into “Transformation (Fat Burning) Time”, plus they help your fitness and your quality of life, so they can and do play a huge role in helping you reach your weight and fitness goals on EET.

Next up:  A few exercises EET uses with clients to help them succeed.



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Exercise For Weight Loss : Learn These 5 Keys Or Just Stop. PLEASE!

exercise wasting time

A personal trainer who recommends you stop exercising?  Yep. In fact, I would beg you to stop if you believe you are exercising to lose weight and I felt that you were not applying these 5 keys to EET Exercise as your absolute top priorities.  

Why?  Because your goal is to lose weight and keep it off and if these 5 keys are not your absolute top priorities you wouldn’t be using EET Exercise Timing and you’d be far more likely to gain weight.  So, here they are: 

#5  EET Exercise Timing is much more than exercising at the optimal times or using a certain exercise routine to create a “metabolic window” for maximum fat burning.

I would add It’s absolutely, positively, incredibly not about burning enough calories to create a “caloric deficit” either.   EET Exercise Timing is a complete approach to how you think about and approach a lifetime of exercise.for long-term weight loss, fitness and quality of life.  Clients are strongly encouraged to learn as much they can about EET’s approach to exercise Timing  INSTEAD of exercising if they only have time for one or the other.  

#4  If your goal is to lose weight and become more fit for 50 years, you must be prepared to develop an exercise program that you ENJOY at all times so you can follow your program consistently for 50 years. 

I’m a big believer in the concept, “To get out of a hole you must stop digging first”.  Instead of simply continuing to attend your yoga class or boot camp whenever the scale hits a certain weight you don’t like, when it’s convenient, you’re motivated, or when you think “I’ve got to get back to it”, I would ask you to spend your exercise time very differently.  I would take the same amount of time each week to sit in a chair and work on developing a long-term exercise strategy.

You must understand as part of your new approach you can never justify taking extended time off from exercise for reasons such as being too busy, it’s the holidays, too stressed, not motivated,  burned out, injured, sore or generally hating it.   These must to be eliminated forever if your exercise has any chance of actually helping you reach and maintain long-term weight loss goals.  

Helping you stop digging the hole that exercise is merely a necessary evil for weight loss would be half the battle.  We’d also spend time developing an exercise plan you could LOVE.  We’d cover important aspects of a successful long term plan like “rehearsal training” to be sure your exercise was focused on building functional strength for the things you truly want, need and love to do in your life.   For example, You’d never, ever find yourself doing “planks” for many reasons. Unless, that is for some bizarre reason you love planks.

I’ve found succeeding at this key takes time, diligence and patience to learn instead of time spent “pushing it” or “getting fired up” to stay with your exercise plan.  However, the rewards of adopting this philosophy are so great, they must be experienced to be believed.

in a hole stop digging

 #3  Learn and apply the 2 EET Exercise Timing Must Haves:  

      Must Have #2 – EET’s First Rule of Exericse:  Injury-Free Works for Me

This concept is so powerful that in an EET Timing Diet full of Guidelines,  I feel it’s worthy of being called a RULE.  If I’m depending on exercise to achieve weight loss, it’s clear that exercise simply cannot help me reach and maintain my weight loss goals if I get injured and can’t exercise. Focusing on EET’s First Rule before, during and after exercise creates a level of consistency with exercise most can’t imagine.  In the old days, a small injury could signal the end of my exercise program.  I remember saying things like, “I would exercise, but my back is out.”  These excuses are a foreign language to me now.  I don’t “just do it” until I get injured. Instead, I keep doing it because I DON’T get injured.   

 #2  Learn and apply the 2 EET Exercise Timing Must Haves:  

      Must Have #1 – End “Yo-yo Exercise” Forever

To simplify, EET’s Guidelne applies here:  “Yo-yo must go!”   This time we’re referring to “yo-yo exercise” rather than yo-yo dieting.  You must find a way to make your exercise plan “automatic” for as long as you’d like to lose weight and keep it off.  This means you never force yourself to do exercise, you simply do your exercise, no questions asked.  For exercise to play a positive role in losing weight and keeping it off, It needs to be a routine part of your life, as consistent and as certain as your as watching tv or eating food, for years and years and years. It would help your quality of life if you would enjoy the process (key #4 above), but that’s not as important as your exercising consistently, indefinitely which is why this is key #2.

I figured this out the hard way:  Decades of on-again off-again lengthy weight workouts and mountain bike rides resulting in 25 lbs of weight gain.   Science confirmed my suspicions when I finally stopped chasing exercising long enough to learn that all plans requiring exercise can’t produce lasting weight loss. [11, 12, 13, 154 from the bibliography of EET's Book]   Since learning that scientific fact, along with the other keys I’ve lost weight and kept it off for 6 years. Coincidence?

#1  Accept that Eating Timing holds all the keys to your weight loss goals.

Focusing on EATING Timing is, without a doubt, the most important key to EET Exercise Timing. Dieters simply must accept they need to learn to manage their eating timing in a way that will allow them to lose weight and keep it off.  When you take exercise out of the equation, it allows you to focus learning to use EET Timing to develope a positive, healthy relationship with food, and that will take you further towards long-term weight loss than any exercise ever could.  

Bottom Line: Many EETers have lost weight and kept it off without formal exercise.  No EETers have succeeded long-term focusing exercise timing alone.  

While EET Exercise Timing can create amazing lasting fitness and greatly improve your quality of life, EET Eating Timing is the key to long-term weight loss.  Accept that, focus on learning all you can about that, as well as the other 4 keys above, EVEN IF THAT MEANS STOPPING YOUR CURRENT EXERCISE EFFORTS to find the time to learn and you will take a giant step towards your long-term weight loss goals.  

And, one more note. If you can apply these 5 EET Exercise Timing keys consistently for a year or more, then I would be comfortable beginning to discuss how exercise might play a larger role in your weight loss strategy.

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5 Science Backed Reasons To Hate and Avoid The Paleo / Slow Carb Diet For Weight Loss, Fitness

giant pretzel

The science of Nutrient Timing provides the #1 reason to avoid the Paleo and Slow Carb Diet.  That’s saying something because the other 4 reasons are really strong!

Reason #5 Archeological science says you’re not eating the diet of ancient paleo man. In other words. The entire diet is built on a faulty premise. 

EET covered that here:

 Easter Bunny / Paleo Diet MYTHS per Harvard Dr. PhD  or you check these out

 Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU

Why the Paleo Diet Is Half-Baked – Scientific American

Reason #4 Behavioral Science provides overwhelming evidence that modern day humans enjoy our decadent foods and technologically convenient lifestyle (also known as delicious fast food).   Therefore Paleo / Slow Carb harms quality of life.

line at chik fil a

No studies needed here, just look around.  Asking Americans to go Paleo is no different than asking them to give up watching TV or their cell phones.  It can be done but why?  Does it really make sense for overall quality of life?  Same goes for food choices.  Even if you could sustain the tedious preparation to create bland  paleo cookies and paleo pizza in the hopes of losing  weight or becoming more fit (and, as you’ll see in #3 and #2 below, science says these are no more than hopes with Paleo or Slow Carb) it seems a horrible trade of daily quality of life to increase daily hassles and settle for worse tasting food in exchange for a slimmer waistline. 

Reason #3  The nutrition and health science community offers virtually no support for the Paleo / Slow Carb diet.   

us news best diets

Granted, this is the same community that recommends so many other diet and exercise plans that have been proven failues and cause weight gain over time, but that’s besides the point as we are focused on Paleo/Slow Carb here.  You can do the research on this one yourself.  Here, I’ll get you started:

“Likewise, U.S. News, in its 2014 rankings of “Best Diets Overall,” announced that the Paleo diet was at the very bottom, tied at No. 31 with the Dukan diet. “Experts took issue with the diet on every measure,” the magazine scolded.”

                     — from Time Magazine January 2014

 Reason #2  The science of obesity studies says you can’t sustain the paleo / slow carb diet and will end up heavier and less fit for having tried these diets in 2-5 years.  

katan quote obesity

To prove this to yourself, just take your pick from hundreds of studies in the bibliography of EET’s Book  or

Read this and about 500 other EET blog posts citing clinical studies   that prove the unsustainabiity of diets that require restrictions on food groups or portions  


Read these articles from JUNE 2014:

Obesity research confirms long-term weight loss almost impossible

long-term weight loss almost impossible | MyFitnessPal.com (guess you can delete that fitness app! :-)

or you can learn the same way I learned over 5 years ago by reading this study from the 2009 New England Journal of Medicine:

Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets with Different Compositions of Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates


Just ask yourself why a reknowned Obesity specialist would be quoted in the editorial to the 2009 study as follows:

“the only effective alternative that we have at present for halting the obesity epidemic is large-scale gastric surgery.”

                                  Weight-Loss Diets for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity – Editorial    Martijn B. Katan, Ph.D.

And, finally, the #1 Science-backed reason to avoid the Paleo / Slow Carb Diet — and the main reason this blog post relates to EET Timing:

#1  The Science of Nutrient Timing proves the Paleo / Slow Carb Diet’s main premise, to suppress the hormone insulin, is unnecessary for weight loss and fitness and, at times, could even be unhealthy.

metabolic timing

Paleo style diets require the complete elimination of all high glycemic carbs like refined sugar in order to avoid insulin spikes which can AT TIMES encourage fat storage.  Of course many of these plans then suggest you can still eat these foods by “cheating” or using binge like “cheat days” which only makes things worse by creating massive guilt and horrible associations that create a love/hate relationship with these foods, but that’s a different discussion for a different day.

 All requirements to eliminate food groups and suppress insulin at all times is completely unnecessary (if it were even possible to sustain) as the Science of Nutrient Timing shows that there are times when insulin production should be encouraged:

….”While it’s true that high levels of insulin promote fat synthesis, they do not necessarily do so in all circumstances.  Insulin is just as effective at promoting carbohydrate fuel storage and muscle protein synthesis….muscle cells are especially insulin sensitive after exercise….at this time insulin will help synthesize muscle proteins and muscle glycogen at a very rapid rate….Insulin also suppresses cortisol release which may help maintain immune function….”

                           —- From the book Nutrient Timing, John Ivy, Phd

cover art ice cream on side

Insulin is the not the problem when it comes to weight loss and fitness, neither is refined sugar or other high glycemic foods that create an increase in the release of insulin.  In fact, there’s a good chance you are harming your weight and fitness efforts if you don’t create enough insulin at the appropriate times.   The problem is bad eating and exercise TIMING!

And that is what The (EET) Eating and Exercise Timing Fitness Plan is built to help dieters improve for LASTING weight loss, fitness, and quality of life.  

Next Up:  More on Exercise Timing.


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Carb Timing Sample Menus For Fat Loss Transformation Time – Ice Cream, Cheesecake, more!

transformation time physical defined

Here’s how to achieve a LASTING fat-loss transformation using EET Daily Timing Menus.  

EETers can get into Transformation Time (or “optimal fat loss time” if that makes it more clear) DAILY using Eating Timing.  We don’t even need to exercise.  We simply time our carbs through the use of EET Timing Menus.  Here’s a quick example (click to enlarge):

transformation time physical

There you have it.  Simply stay reasonably active and phase down your carbs later in the day, and you’ll probably have no carbs in your blood stream by late night or bed time — Hello body using fat for energy all night while you sleep.  Hello EET Transformation Time!   The exciting part for dieters is this Carb Timing Menu can be repeated daily, and no exercise is required.

 How effective is this use of Eating Timing?  Hundreds of EETers have lost weight this way. Some very quickly.  In fact, some EETers have lost 30 pounds or more in just 90 days eating food without restriction and little to no exercise largely due to EET Transformation Time.  

BUT, as great as that sounds, please keep reading if you want to understand why EET teaches that transformations must be more than physical if they are going to be LASTING:

fat loss transformation BOTH


30+ pounds of weight loss in 90 days (mostly fat) just using EET Timing is great — especially with no calorie counting, portion control. forbidden foods or required exercise.  However, focusing on the fast results misses the point of EET entirely.  Remember, EET is after a LASTING fat-loss transformation.  Science tells us losing weight and keeping it off 5 years or more is merely a good start.  You can tell if you’re on the right track if you can consistently do this: 

 transformation time mental defined

To dieters who think diets must be painful, it may sound like an impossible task to eliminate deprivation and struggling at all times, but it’s not with practice and good tools, and that’s where EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines come in.  Here’s a sample Timing Menu to illustrate:

  transformattion time mental exampleOn this menu I’ve applied the following EET TIMING Guidelines:

# 4   Don’t Enjoy It?  Don’t Eat It  — not a single food on my menu I don’t enjoy–especially at the right times

#7  Lose Weight While You Wait  –Cheesecake for lunch today and knowing I simply have to wait for ice cream tomorrow at lunch in order to burn fat tonight make low carb dinners very comfortable most of the time

#8  It’s Not What You Eat It’s WHEN You Eat It  –Daily, Weekly and Metabolic Timing are all mapped out on this menu

#19  Eat Carbs All Day, The Fat Won’t Burn Away  – Carb Timing is essential for EET Transformation Time

Timing Menus based on EET’s Guidelines have kept me on my diet, consistently fit, injury and illness free and under my goal weight for over 6 years.  I still create menus for transformation times every week  (in my head mostly, written down occasionally), and I still find it exciting when I’ve create a successful menu and see physical results.   More importantly, I’ve also dramatically changed my thinking.  I now consistently use positive solutions based on TIMING that have kept me on EET for years.   When I compare this approach to “Yo-yo Jon’s” diet solutions that always involved struggling and sacrifice, never worked for long and always ended in weight gain, I  understand what EET Transformation Time for lasting transformations is truly all about.



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Burn Fat DAILY Using Eating Timing Not Exercise – Here’s How

eet daily menu fat burning time

How to burn Fat DAILY.  Wake up, walk to the kitchen and sit down with the paper and a cup of coffee or tea.   Grab a shower and brush your teeth. Congrats!   You’re burning fat.  Welcome to EET Fat Burning Time.   That’s right, you are burning lots of fat just doing the things you always do courtesy of eating TIMING.  (click to enlarge the EET Daily Timing Menu above)

How you ask?    Basic metabolic science.

Your body survives burning 3 types of energy: carbohydrates (fast energy) fats and proteins (slower energy).   If you don’t eat carbs at breakfast time, in order to provide the energy to take a shower, your body will have little choice but to use either stored fat or protein.  There is a lot of scientific evidence that shows your body will choose to burn mostly fat during this time without carbs getting in the way  (see bibliography for multiple studies).  And what better name for this glorious time than EET DAILY Fat Burning Time! 

You don’t need to do one bit of exercise in the period after you wake up to enjoy EET Fat Burning Time.  And you are not limited to or required to drink coffee or tea either — As the EET Daily Timing Menu above shows, you just to do one simple thing

Delay eating carbs. 

daily timing delay eating carbs

Metabolically, If you eat carbs for breakfast they will be in your bloodstream in minutes providing fast energy.  Your body will choose to burn the new easy to access carb energy and stop tapping into your stored fat.  Buh-bye fat burning time!   Don’t misunderstand, EETers will eat plenty of carbs each day we just TIME them by waiting to eat them.  By timing our carbs we maximize fat burning time whenever possible.  

But, what if you love your high carb fruit smoothie or  cereal when you wake up?  EET says enjoy your choice of eating timing but you’ll have to work harder to create fat burning time later in the day.

What if you prefer exercising at the crack of dawn?  “Getting your exercise out of the way” as many dieters put it.  EET says that can work too, but just know it’s not required to enjoy Fat Burning Time.  You’ll also want to carefully select what type of exercise you’re doing to maximize the metabolic effectiveness and to minimize your risk of injury.   

Still think eating timing doesn’t matter?  We’ll explain EET Transformation Time next and see if that can transform your thinking.



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Specific EET Timing Menus For Weight Loss, Fitness, Food! YEARLY

5 year timing eet

EET 5 Year Timing Menu (See Detailed Example Below)

The Basics: Consists of various time periods of weight loss and weight gain to reach a target weight in 5 years.  Studies are clear that staying on a diet for 5 years or more is nearly impossible.  By staying with The EET Timing Diet over 5 years, you will dramatically increase your chances of continuing to successfully manage your weight and fitness consistently over your lifetime.

Keeping it simple:  Determine a weight you would like to weigh in 5 years.   Get on the scale in 5 years and if that’s what you weigh you’ve succeeded.

Not so simple:  Determining what 5 year target makes sense for your personal situation.  Determining the best path to that target.  What to do if you get way off your timing path.  Getting over the myth that you always have to lose weight on a diet to succeed or to even stay with that diet.  What to do if you don’t succeed.  What to do if you DO succeed.

To Make EET Work: Make your 5 year target your “Guiding Light” you never lose sight of.  Focus on it during challenging periods.  Learn to use other types of EET Timing along with EET’s Guidelines as often as possible.

Typical Yo-Yo Dieter and/or Food Hater Reactions (Not all inclusive!)  –    “That’s not a plan!”  “I’ve had 5 year goals before – It never works”  “This plan won’t work because it doesn’t tell you what to do”  “That’s not a healthy way to lose weight!”  “You can time whatever you want but in the end you must eat less and exercise more to succeed.”

Specific example of 5 year timing:

5 Year Target – Weigh 25 pounds less than I do today.

Example: EET Timing Diet 5 Year Menu for a -25 pound target (click to enlarge) :

5 year timing example eet


EET 1 Year Timing Menu (Detailed Example Below)

1 year timing eet

The Basics: MOST IMPORTANT EET TIMING MENU! (click to enlarge slide) Consists of months of weight loss and weight gain designed to reach a target weight in 1 year.  In the 6+ years I’ve followed EET, there have been many BIG weight gain months and yet, with 1 Year Timing, I’ve  never had to (or wanted to) go off my EET timing menus for even a single day.    My weight gain months still include many days and even weeks of weight loss, many well-timed meals and exercise sessions (whether gain or loss, I haven’t taken more than 2 days in a row off exercise in over 6 years, though many workouts have been only 5 minutes!).  I simply accept that some months out of each year are going to end in weight gain, and try to incorporate that into my yearly timing menus.    

Keeping it simple:  Determine a weight you would like to weigh in 1 year.   Get on the scale in 1 year and if that’s what you weigh you’ve succeeded.

Not so simple:  Exactly the same challenges as described in 5 Year Timing Menu above.

To Make EET Work:  Learn the critical importance of your 1 year target.  It’s far more important than any eating or exercise decision you’ll make.   Learn the value of EET “weight ranges” to increase your chances of success.   Learn to use other types of EET Timing along with EET’s Guidelines as often as possible.

Typical Yo-Yo Dieter and/or Food Hater Reactions (Not all inclusive!)  –  Same as the 5 Year Timing plus  “What am I supposed to eat each month?”  “Just get to the metabolism part!” “This is confusing – just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”  “Oh, I know this plan!  Dr. Oz showed a plan just like it!” “My friend tried EET and said it doesn’t work”.

Specific example of 1 year timing :

1 Year Target – Weigh 20 pounds less than I do today in 1 year.  Note how it’s the first year target from the 5 Year Menu above.

1 year timing example eet


Next Blog Posts:  EET Monthly, Weekly and Daily Timing Menus



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